Dealing with Decimals


I think a great way to understand what decimals are is to put decimals into a table. As you can see from the table below, decimals can be written in many ways. One example of this is the number 0.1 can be written as 1 tenth, 10 raised to the -1, or 1/10. Decimals are base-ten units; therefore, we use the unit ten in the table.

The United States separates numbers with commas every third number:  5,853,567.75; however, many other places around the world separate their numbers with spaces and use a comma the way the United States uses the decimal point like this 5 853 597,75. I think this is a very interesting fact! Another thing I learned is that the number 0.0000000009 is easier to read if we put spaces every third number: 0.000 000 000 9. If we put spaces it does not mean anything different; it is just to help us count the zeros or read the number easier. These are great tips to keep in mind while working with decimals.

As you can see from the decimal table, decimals can be written in many ways; essentially a decimal is a fraction. I say this because 0.732 is 732/1000 and can be written as 732 thousandths.  Another example of this is 0.20 is 20/100 and can be written as 20 hundredths. No matter the decimal number it can always be written as a fraction which may be easier for some people. You can also look at a decimal by expanding it. If we look back at the decimal 0.732 we can break it down into three parts 0.732=0.7+0.03+0.002. This can also be written as 732/1000=7/10+30/100+200/1000. Decimals are very versatile which allows for many different strategies to understand them better!


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